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    Read "Entangled" by Nikki Jefford with Rakuten Kobo. "Sabrina the Teenage Witch meets Freaky Friday." A resurrection spell gone wrong Hiding her powers. Entangled by Nikki Jefford Graylee is a witch, as is her sister and mother. This is a Entangled - Spellbound_Book 1 - Nikki Jefford - PDF Free. Entangled Spellbound 1 Nikki Jefford Initial reaction: I'll write a full review of this once I get (Spellbound series) eBook: Nikki Jefford: epreterkare.cf: Kindle Store.

    Shelves: series , fiction , ya-paranormal In "Entangled," high school socialite Charlene Perez was forced to share her body with the soul of her less popular, sort of hippie-ish identical twin sister, Graylee. At the end of "Entanglement," Charlene and a friend expelled her twin's soul from the body they shared--her body--then Charlene was free to head off to school in France. There, she has a ball, speaking French and smoking cigarettes, until one day, when her sister, Graylee, awakens inside Charlene's body. The difference this time i In "Entangled," high school socialite Charlene Perez was forced to share her body with the soul of her less popular, sort of hippie-ish identical twin sister, Graylee. The difference this time is that Charlene's body is all Graylee's--there's no Charlene soul to share with. Graylee-occupied Charlene finds a credit card and some cash among Charlene's effects, and hops the first flight back to Seattle. Of course, there's the matter of Graylee's soul already inhabiting the tall, gorgeous body of Stacey Morehouse.

    Mar 07, Adrienne rated it liked it Shelves: It was hard for her to share a body with Charlene, and now she has a duplicate of her old self. When I started it, I was a little worried. As soon as I was introduced Freaky Friday gone wrong anybody?

    Graylee and Charlene attend a normal high school with humans but other witches and warlocks go to McKinley high as well. Nikki back on the scene is Adrian Montez, the super warlock whose powers Graylee and Raj helped release several months back. How completely weird and gross is that! In my opinion this book was better than the first, but also, it confused me. To me, this obsession with the characters entanvled the sign of some really good writing.

    This sort of disparity is sufficiently odd that it needs to be sold airtight.

    Instead, we get that Ryan expelled Graylee's soul from Charlene's body last year, and then The Contact did the same thing. Which beggars the question, if Graylee's soul was no longer IN Charlene's body, how could it have been there for The Contact to expel it, if it had already been expelled? My brain would explode if I tried to rationalize this conundrum any further, and the book's success or failure rests on the reader buying this premise.

    The characters gamely do their best with this seemingly impossible situation, and it's nice when the two Graylees come to terms near the end, but I can't see how they could simultaneously exist to enjoy this bonding.

    Mainly, I think the book misses Charlene. One of the joys in "Entangled" was the contrast between Charlene's shallow, solipsistic meanness and Graylee's depth and goodness. Here, with two Graylees, that element is missed.

    Nikki Jefford : Entangled (Spellbound #1) | Free eBook Download

    Graylee needs a yin to her yang. We don't get that: just two yangs. Even the "villains" in "Duplicity" aren't uniformly villainous. I miss Charlene being a manipulative bitch. There are some good scenes. If it sets up a tremendous third installment, then I suppose it serves its purpose, even if the main premise is, to me, untenable. After the super-fun "Entangled," I was hoping for more.

    From beginning to end, it was on a present 'normal' world, and it isn't what I didn't liked. I actually appreciated how Nikki maintained Entangled's world of 'normalcy' even though there are witches, warlocks and magics every where.

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    The evil twin sister. Forgive me for the word, but she's a bitch who knew nothing but being pretty and perfect and selfish. How could you do such things to your own twin sister? Or even an innocent person?

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    And then she'd go gaga about a boy who's a jerk and a sure equivalent of her. If you could only see me how much I wanted to pull her perfect hair or cast a spell. The other twin, on the other hand, Graylee, is a character you would definitely love to put on a book with an annoying character like Charlene.

    Who would knew that the next day you woke up is you're dead and on your twin sister's body?

    But as I told you, she's the perfect match on Charlene's character.